We are very excited to announce something special...

- Printed Things Played Shapes -

Thanks to support from the continuo foundation we are able to bring
Little Things in Odd Shapes into some lesser usual concert spaces.

The tour will feature at least two programmes -
'Travelling Virtuosos' and 'Bach's Favorite Oboists'

As part of the tour we will be leading 'Eat the Score' workshops,
giving you the chance to create and riso print your own score for us to play;

Bring the music of your favourite song, the long-forgotten music that’s been hiding behind the sofa, or that scale and arpeggio book which you never really wanted to practice. Prepare to see them all cut up, re-made, digitally screen printed on the risograph, and brought to life again by Istante collective! We will also provide materials(thanks Purcell, Bach and Haydn) if you can’t bring a score with you.


Tuesday 17th May - Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead (workshop only)
Plumstead Peculiars, Plumstead (concert only)
St Mary of Bethany Church, Woking (concert only)
Artefact projects, Strichley, Birmingham (workshop&concert
Biscuit Press / Madeinroath - Cardiff (workshop&concert)